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Starnes Davis Florie is more than just one of the nation’s leading civil litigation firms. It’s also a great place to work.

Starnes Davis Florie has been named one of Birmingham’s Best Places to Work by the Birmingham Business Journal, in recognition of its culture of employee engagement, retention, and loyalty. And you don’t have to be a litigator to fit in. Our attorneys practice in a variety of areas, from Accounting Malpractice and ADA Accessibility to Workers’ Compensation and Wrongful Death.

The firm attracts, retains, and promotes attorneys and staff of varying backgrounds regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. Our attorneys are active in the Volunteer Lawyers Programs of the Alabama State Bar and the Birmingham Bar Association, participating by providing free legal services as well as serving on governing committees. Starnes recently adopted the Mansfield Rule for Mid-Sized firms for 2020-2021. See more about the Mansfield Rule Here.

Summer Associate Program:

Our summer associate program is the primary source for the hiring of new associate lawyers. The focus of the program is giving law students an unvarnished view of the legal practice. Our program is held during the later six weeks of the summer (typically the last week of June – first week of August).

Summer associates at Starnes Davis Florie do much more than mere legal research and writing. Summer Associates experience the litigation process first-hand, by accompanying attorneys out of the office to attend depositions, hearings, meetings with witnesses, and trials.

Each summer, a firm-wide training session includes instructions from top trial lawyers, as well as outside speakers and judges. Weekly small group discussions provide guidance on the art of litigation.

The firm is founded on a mentoring system, where every new associate is partnered with a senior attorney who offers guidance and training. Extending this model, each summer associate is assigned a mentor to advise and assist him or her during the summer.

Mentors provide valuable insights on the summer program, the firm, and the summer associates’ ultimate decision concerning their careers.

The projects assigned to summer associates are as varied as our areas of practice and our diverse clientele, but typically range from short research projects and preparation of memoranda of law to more extensive research projects and assisting attorneys in preparation of legal briefs.

Starnes Davis Florie’s summer program incorporates a variety of social events which provide an opportunity for summer associates to get to know each other, and the attorneys and their families in an informal setting.

We encourage qualified candidates to send us resumes and transcripts to our Recruiting Director, Renee Clements.

Summer Associates Frequently Asked Questions

How does Starnes Davis Florie Interview for summer associate positions?

The firm interviews on-campus at many law schools and job fairs, and participates in resume collections with the law schools we do not visit for OCI. The firm also solicits resumes form any law student interested in the summer program.

What if Starnes Davis Florie is not interviewing on-campus at my law school?

The firm usually participates in a resume collection with law schools we do not visit for OCI. At anytime, you can submit your contact information and resume to Renee Clements for consideration. We will then get back to you as soon as possible.

What is your hiring criteria for the summer associate program?

We want students who have the right combination of academic success and strong people skills.  We are looking for those who will be able to handle the intellectual rigors of law practice and communicate effectively with clients, judges, juries, and other lawyers

Does the firm have a predetermined number of associates it plans to hire each year?

No. Our firm does not like the “Survivor” method of associate selection. We devote a tremendous amount of resources trying to find candidates for our summer program who we believe will be candidates for an associate position with our firm. It is always our hope for each summer associate that, at the end of the summer program, we will be in a position to offer and they will be in a position to accept an invitation to return.


Mentoring & Career Development

At Starnes Davis Florie, our goal for every new lawyer we hire is that he or she grow and develop professionally and become a productive partner in our firm. The engine behind this development is our commitment to mentoring.

As a new lawyer you will work side-by-side with a partner learning how to litigate a case from start to finish. Our career development is based on hands-on training where you learn by actually participating in the litigation process.

You will go to court. You will take depositions. You will examine witnesses. You will argue motions. You will talk to clients. And your mentoring partner will be there to provide advice and encouragement and aid your development as a lawyer. At the end of this process, our hope is that you will have developed sufficiently not just to become a partner, but also to become a mentor yourself, and provide the same training to a new associate.

In addition to our one-on-one mentoring, we also provide other tools to aid in your career development. All new associates attend an orientation where they participate in training sessions focused on the basic litigation skills and professionalism in the practice of law.

Periodic training for all lawyers may include the following:

  • Pro Bono Opportunities
  • Ethics and Professionalism
  • Effective Communication to a Jury
  • Negotiation Skills in Mediations and Settlement Discussions
  • Persuasive Errors at Trial
  • Organization, Time Management, and Timekeeping
  • Business Development

We also focus on career evaluation and planning. From your first day here, we will help you develop your professional skills and help you chart your own career path. In addition to the daily interaction with your mentor, we will help you achieve your career objectives by developing personalized and specific professional goals and experience.

We will have an open dialogue with you about your progress and will do our best to help you achieve your goals.

Starnes Davis Florie’s professional staff are a vital and highly valued part of our firm. We recognize and honor the fact that their extraordinary professionalism, talent, teamwork, and high ethical standards are a critical element in what our firm apart.

We offer competitive salaries, benefits, and a friendly work environment. For position information please contact our Human Resources manager, Tammy Lasagna.