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A good reputation is the most important asset a lawyer can have. It has long been the privilege of Starnes Davis Florie to represent attorneys faced with a suit for legal malpractice or a Bar complaint.  In this area of complex litigation, Starnes Davis Florie is uniquely positioned to represent your interest.  The lawyers of Starnes have written leading articles addressing the defense of legal malpractice cases and how to respond to a Bar complaint. The firm’s attorneys are routinely asked to speak on legal malpractice issues.  The Alabama appellate courts have issued numerous decisions that address points of law often raised by the firm’s attorneys as matters of first impression.  Most importantly, Starnes Davis Florie lawyers have tried suits for legal malpractice before juries.

The attorneys at Starnes Davis Florie understand that in some situations cases deserve an early resolution, while others demand a solid defense through trial.  The firm’s attorneys aggressively approach these cases so to identify both procedural and substantive defenses.  The firm’s experience defending cases arises out of all types of underlying matters including personal injury, criminal representation, real estate, securities, and commercial transactions.  The clients of Starnes Davis Florie range from the solo practitioner to multinational firms.

Because the firm appreciates the sensitive nature of dealing with a Bar complaint, the firm’s attorneys handle such complaints in an efficient and effective manner.  The firm’s model is straightforward and based upon the experience gained from defending lawyers and serving on panels that investigate and decide these type of complaints.  If there has been a mistake, the firm will work with the General Counsel for the Bar to correct the problem and minimize the repercussions to the client’s practice.  If, however, a client has satisfied their ethical obligations despite a bad result then our attorneys will be prepared to defend the client’s reputation.  The attorneys of Starnes Davis Florie know a good reputation is one that is earned and should be protected.

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