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Starnes Davis Florie recognizes that a State Bar Disciplinary Proceeding is one of the most significant and potentially traumatic events in a legal professional’s career.  We also appreciate the sensitive nature of dealing with a Bar complaint.

The firm’s model is based on the experience gained from defending lawyers and serving on panels that investigate and decide these type of complaints.  If there has been a mistake, the firm will work with the General Counsel for the Bar to correct the problem and minimize the repercussions to the client’s practice.

If, however, a client has satisfied their ethical obligations despite a bad result then our attorneys will be prepared to defend the client’s reputation.  The attorneys of Starnes Davis Florie know a good reputation is one that is earned and should be protected. In the event that you do have your legal credentials suspended, our team can use its extensive knowledge and experience to expedite your re-admittance to the Bar.

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