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Healthcare Fraud

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The healthcare industry is one of the largest sectors of the U.S. economy. Because of this, healthcare fraud is aggressively investigated and prosecuted by the federal government.

Healthcare fraud covers numerous white collar offenses at all levels of the health care industry, including kickbacks, insurance fraud, billing fraud, falsifying information, unbundling, upcoding, performing unnecessary procedures, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) violations.  Healthcare fraud investigations may also run parallel to or arise out of False Claims Act/Qui Tam matters.

The attorneys at Starnes Davis Florie have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with this area of the law and are committed to defending clients against these potentially detrimental claims. Early assessment is key in these types of cases, so that we can ensure that our clients’ procedures and practices are compliant and ethical.

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