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Fidelity & Financial Institution Bond Claims:

Starnes Davis Florie has considerable experience in the defense of employee dishonesty and Financial Institution Bond Claims. The firm’s clients include national and regional insurance carriers, as well as banks and other financial institutions. Through its sponsorship of the Southern Surety Fidelity Claims Association, the firm provides annual seminars designed to provide “basic training” for the fidelity claims professionals and ensure that all attendees stay current in recent developments in applicable law. Starnes Davis Florie provides litigation services in all courts, as well as assistance in the negotiation and resolution of fidelity claims and prosecution of salvage and subrogation claims.

Surety Litigation:

Starnes Davis Florie maintains an extensive surety practice in all matters involving performance and payment bonds, probate bonds, and other miscellaneous bonds. The firm’s attorneys practice in all courts of Alabama, both state and federal, as well as courts in other states and jurisdictions.

Since the firm’s formation, Starnes Davis Florie has regularly represented the surety industry in Alabama and throughout the Southeast. The Surety Group routinely assists surety claim professionals with negotiation and resolution of claim disputes, including negotiation of takeover and settlement agreements with both public and private owners. When necessary, the group handles both defense and prosecution of claims and strives to achieve the surety’s ultimate goal – that there will be no loss! Further, the group is actively involved in probate matters on all levels, and our attorneys have represented sureties against claims of malfeasance by bonded fiduciaries in thousands of conservatorship, guardianship, and decedents’ estates.

Starnes Davis Florie is committed to providing efficient and cost-effective services for its clients. The firm strives to promptly assess the merits of bond claims and defenses to those claims to evaluate the risks and rewards of litigation and to explore the possibility of a desirable resolution before excessive costs and expenses are incurred.

Starnes Davis Florie maintains a significant presence in the contract surety and miscellaneous bond industry. The firm is one of the founding sponsors of the Southern Surety and Fidelity Claims Conference, which conducts an annual seminar on pertinent legal issues, practical tips and recent developments in the fidelity and surety industry. Additionally, attorneys with the firm regularly participate and speak at other seminars on suretyship and offer in-house seminars to select clients at no cost to the client.

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