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From drafting and revising clients’ arbitration clauses to compelling arbitration of claims to serving as arbitrators, Starnes Davis Florie provides a full service arbitration practice.

Attorneys with Starnes Davis Florie serve as national arbitration counsel for a variety of clients and regularly appear in arbitrations administered by major forums such as the American Arbitration Association, JAMS, the National Arbitration Forum, and the NASD.

The firm draws from a vast field of arbitration experience, which includes matters such as consumer finance disputes, business-to-business matters, nursing home cases, employment issues, and international claims, among others. The firm’s attorneys arbitrate matters in multiple jurisdictions, ranging from two-party disputes to complex arbitrations.

Starnes Davis Florie has played a major role in enforcing arbitration provisions in jurisdictions traditionally adverse to alternative dispute resolution. The firm emphasizes compelling arbitration of claims improperly filed in court in breach of arbitration provisions.

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