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Starnes Davis Florie Attorneys Obtain Defense Verdict in Mobile County Following a 9 Day Trial

November 13, 2013

Randy Sellers and Christian Hines obtained a defense verdict for an Emergency Room Physician on November 7, 2013 following a 9 day trial in the Circuit Court of Mobile County. The case centered on the death of a 2 year old boy who died following intracerebral bleeding from an Arteriovenous Malformation (“AVM”). A brain AVM is a congenital defect, essentially consisting of a tangled, abnormal connection of veins and arteries in the brain. The child was seen in the ER by the defendant on consecutive days with complaints including headache, nausea, vomiting, lethargy and an episode at home during which the child stopped breathing. The emotional tape of the 911 call by the mother following this episode was played for the jury multiple times. The child was diagnosed with gastroenteritis and admitted following the second ER presentation. The child unfortunately developed significant neurological deficits shortly after admission, was transferred to a children’s hospital, and ultimately removed from life support after unsuccessful brain surgery to address the AVM bleed.

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