Starnes Davis Florie


Starnes Davis Florie Attorneys Obtain Affirmance from the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals

May 21, 2012

Phil Piggott, Alfred Perkins, Matt Keenan and Ben Presley obtained an affirmance by the Eleventh Circuit in a case where a former city councilwoman brought an action for a violation of her procedural due process rights after her electricity was terminated by the municipal-owned utility. SDF attorneys represented all of the defendants, including the municipality, the former mayor and former operations manager for the utility. In the district court, the defendants successfully argued that summary judgment was due to be granted in favor of all on various grounds, including that because the plaintiff had an adequate state law remedy for her alleged deprivation, she could not maintain a due process claim under the 14th Amendment. After hearing oral argument, the Eleventh Circuit agreed and affirmed the grant of summary judgment.

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