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SDF Attorneys Mike Wright and Todd Huntley Obtain Judgment as a Matter of Law on Behalf of General Surgeon

December 12, 2015

Mike Wright and Todd Huntley successfully defended a general surgeon after a three day trial, in a case concerning the repair of an incarcerated vental hernia. The Plaintiffs alleged that improper placement of the Veress needle resulted in perforations of the small intestine and cecum, resulting in sepsis and necessitating subsequent surgeries including bowel resection. The defense position presented was that the placement of the needle in a quadrant away from the hernia sac was appropriate and that a perforation of a hollow viscus during or following surgery is a known and accepted risk of laparoscopic hernia repairs. Following the close of the Plaintiff’s case, it was determined by the Court that the Plaintiff had failed to present substantial evidence regarding a breach of the standard of care resulting in a Judgment as a Matter of Law being granted on behalf of the Defendants.

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