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Salter and Sellers Win Emotionally Charged Fetal Death Case

August 28, 2015

Scott Salter and Randy Sellers obtained a defense verdict for an obstetrician in a fetal wrongful death case in Dekalb County, Alabama. The pregnancy was monitored by ultrasound for complications associated with Parovirus B19. The obstetrician determined the ultrasound images did not show any evidence of fetal complications. When she returned in two weeks as instructed for follow-up, fetal demise had occurred. The plaintiff contended the original ultrasound revealed a life threatening complications and mandated a referral to a maternal-fetal specialist who could have provided treatment to avoid the demise. The defense presented evidence that the ultrasound images were properly interpreted by the obstetrician and that referral to a maternal-fetal specialist would not have avoided the death. The jury returned a defense verdict at the conclusion of a five day trial.

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