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Wright Obtains Defense Verdict on Behalf of Ob/Gyn

Mike Wright obtained a defense verdict on behalf of an ob/gyn physician, whom the plaintiff alleged had committed malpractice by using a metal speculum in the presence of electrosurgical current during a loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP), resulting in severe vaginal burns and scarring.  The plaintiff presented expert testimony to establish that the use of the metal in close proximity to electrical current allowed for conduction of heat and/or current directly to the patient's tissue.  The defendant demonstrated that plaintiff's theory of conduction of electricity would not have produced injury to the patient under these circumstances, and that the choice of equipment was well recognized within the ob/gyn medical community as proper.  Instead, it was the defendant's position that the burns were likely caused by a reaction to the chemicals used during the procedure to highlight precancerous lesions, to which the plaintiff may have developed some hypersensitivity.  The jury returned a defense verdict.

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