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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does Starnes Davis Florie Interview for summer associate positions?
    The firm interviews on-campus at many law schools and job fairs, and participates in resume collections with the law schools we do not visit for OCI. The firm also solicits resumes form any law student interested in the summer program.
  2. What if Starnes Davis Florie is not interviewing on-campus at my law school?
    The firm usually participates in a resume collection with law schools we do not visit for OCI. At anytime, you can submit your contact information and resume to Renee Clements for consideration at rclements@starneslaw.com. We will then get back to you as soon as possible.
  3. What is your hiring criteria for the summer associate program?
    We are looking for students who have demonstrated high academic success in both undergraduate and law school and who also have a record of achievement and/or leadership in other types of extracurricular activities. We want students who have the rate combination of academic success and strong people skills that will allow them to handle the intellectual rigors of the practice of law as well as the need to effectively communicate with clients, judges, juries and other lawyers.
  4. Does the firm have a predetermined number of associates it plans to hire each year?
    No. Our firm does not like the “Survivor” method of associate selection. We devote a tremendous amount of resources trying to find candidates for our summer program that we believe will be candidates for an associate position with our firm. It is always our hope for each summer associate that, at the end of the summer program, we will be in a position to offer and they will be in a position to accept an invitation to return.