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Today’s employers must navigate a maze of laws that regulate their relationship with their employees and unions. The risk of liability or becoming embroiled in expensive and time-consuming litigation is higher than ever. Attorneys with Starnes Davis Florie’s experienced Labor & Employment practice group aggressively and efficiently defend a wide range of clients against all types of employment claims, including discrimination, workers' compensation, federal black lung, and wage and hour claims.

The firm’s skilled litigators provide valuable advice and help develop policies and practices to reduce the risk of litigation. Starnes Davis Florie has helped countless businesses remain union-free, safeguard confidential information, and protect against unfair competition from former employees.

State of Alabama Labor and Employment FAQs

  • Answers to a variety of commonly asked questions regarding the impact of labor and employment laws in Alabama (PDF)

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Labor and Employment Bulletins

May 2016

  • Client Alert: Department of Labor Releases Final Rule on Overtime Wage Exemption
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March 2016

  • Saved by the Bill: Governor Bentley Signs Bill to Block Birmingham Minimum Wage Ordinance
  • New Alabama Non-Compete Law
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  • Social Media In The Pre-Employment Hiring Process
  • EEOC Reports "Record" Enforcement Results for Fiscal Year 2015
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November 2015

  • Are You Ready For The New FLSA Regulations?
  • You May Be A "Joint Employer" And Not Event Know It
  • U.S. Department Of Labor Increases Scrutiny of Independent Contractor Classification
  • My Employee Failed A Drug Test After His Ski Trip To Colorado, What Can I Do About It?
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July 2015

  • New Proposed Rule to Expand Overtime Eligibility
  • Are Pregnant Employees Entitled to Light Duty?
  • NLRB Compliant Employer Handbooks: A Constantly Moving Target
  • Combating the Recent Explosion of Retaliation Claims: A Local Court's Application of the Supreme Court's Heightened Retaliation Standard
  • The impact of Same-Sex Marriage on Employers
  • NLRB's New "Ambush" Union Election Rules Followed by Spike in Union Activity
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February 2015

  • ADA Compliance Lawsuits Against Small Businesses on the Rise
  • Paid Sick Leave: A Right Or A Privilege?
  • Unanimous Supreme Court Holds Employees Not Entitled To Pay For Waiting For And Undergoing Post-Shift Security Screenings
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July 2014

  • Supreme Court Finds President Obama's Recess Appointments to NLRB Unconstitutional
  • Yearly Review of the EEOC's 2013 Enforcement and Litigation Statistics
  • EEOC Offers New Enforcement Guidance on Pregnancy Bias Ahead of Supreme Court Ruling
  • E-Cigarettes in the Workplace: Productivity Boost or Barrier?
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March 2014

  • Should Employers Care if College Football Players Want to Unionize?
  • Workplace Bullying: The New Battleground For Employers?
  • Impact of Supreme Court's Heightened Pleading Standard on Discrimination Claims at Summary Judgment
  • President Obama Instructs DOL to Expand Eligibility For Overtime Pay
  • Businesses Face Uncertain Disclosure Requirements in the Wake of Potential Data Security Breaches
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December 2013

  • Use of Criminal Background Checks - Lessons Learned From Recent Developments
  • The Status and Purpose of the ENDA Explained
  • EEOC Complaint filed by new Father over Paternal Leave Policy
  • Supreme Court decisions on Title VII
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October 2013

  • How Does The Shutdown Affect Employers
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July 2013

  • Keep Your Heat Under The Seat - Alabama's New Gun Rights
  • The Supreme Court's Answer to the Recent Explosion of Retaliation Claims
  • Eleventh Circuit Finds that Requiring an Employee to Submit to a Mental Evaluation Does Not Violate the ADA
  • Impact of new Mental Health Manual on Employers
  • Click here to download (PDF)